WEN – COVID-19 – The other side of the coin – Michael Hardt

The hard times should be over now

-shouted the newspaper as a quote of the mayor.

Maybe, but only for the people that survived.

-an old man commented to another one standing next to him while taking one of the newspapers from the stand. The other one mumbled something, which seemed to show agreement to the statement. The people of Giverny were very hesitant to believe in positive news as the small town in a poor area of southern France got hit especially hard by the devastating financial situation after Corona.

Next one!

-shouted the woman at the counter of the bakery. One of the old men turned to her and ordered two croissants, two eclairs and a loaf of white bread.

Sorry sir, only four pieces per person. Which of these would you like to keep?

-since the crisis following the virus, most of the small town`s bakeries were closed. Only one of previously three survived by fireing half their staff. Now there were strict rules in place, which were meant to make sure most of the people got at least a little bit of the shop`s daily supply. After waiting for a few more customers Gabriel finally got to order. He ordered four particularly pricey pieces. Only after leaving the shop he recognized the funny looks the people inside the shop gave him.

Dam it. I forgot again.

-he said to himself. For the next few minutes he stayed upset for attracting attention by spending an extraordinary sum. He turned the next corner and went to his apartment building. Inside he passed a small group of people standing in the hallway discussing some issues with the canceled trash services. No one turned to him when he softly greeted. Arriving at his apartment he opened the door, threw the bag from the bakery in the kitchen and laid down on the couch. He got a satisfying feeling when he looked around in his livingroom. The smell of newly bought items was still dominantly present. In the last few weeks he was able to afford all the material things he desired. Only this Monday the delivery company brought him a new Laptop and a giant new soundsystem. Like every morning he went online and transferred one hundred euros to his mum.

Please don’t tell me you deal with drugs, Gab. Where does a 23-year-old get so much money from?

-in the beginning he tried to reply by explaining where he got the money from, but she didn’t believe him anyways, so he stopped. As long as she took the money to care for his sibling, he didn’t care what she thought. As the only person studying in his family, he stood no chance of finding comprehension for his online investments which lead to his surprising wealth. After successfully studying It-Engineering he got a good job for the next two years working mostly from home. During that time, he saved up most of his income. Then when corona hit hard, and the stock market was at the lowest he invested all his saved up money. He divided his investment on a company for tools and gadgets for craftsman, a coding company and a company for internet antennas. When no one was allowed to leave the house, he spent two days researching. Basically all his money was gone. Just a small amount for food and for rent remained. After the vaccine got distributed, the stock market quickly climbed up again and the returns for his investments came in. At first, he was very excited to obtain such wealth, which no one of his family ever achieved. But then he quickly recognized that only he got the best from Corona. Most of his family and a lot of friends fell into a financial struggle after losing their jobs and businesses. Whenever he spoke with someone, he only heard complaints about the situation. One grandpa and two uncles died from the disease. He had to convince his mother to let him pay for the funeral. For the family they fabricated a story about a lottery which his mother supposedly won. Nowadays, he doesn’t tell anybody how much money he made. Most of the time he is by himself, since no one can afford to go out. His investments still rise, but what`s it`s worth?

by Michael Hardt

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